Wednesday, March 15, 2006

What's up doc?

I've always heard some of the horror stories coming from countries that have a National Health Service, but never found a good source for some of the info.

Well, I just found a GREAT blog discussing national health care, and what can go wrong. Dr. Crippen, in his diary, relates what really happens on a day-by-day basis when you're saddled with socialized medicine.

Look, I'd love to see everyone in the U.S. have inexpensive access to quality medical care. But from everything I've read and heard (and I looked into this a fair amount back when Hillary tried to push this through her, er, Bill's White House), the dangers of a NHS far outweigh any apparent benefit. My son recently hyperextended his knee while playing basketball... he had an MRI appointment within 1 1/2 weeks (it's today, in fact). And his knee isn't all that bad... he can't straighten it as much as he should, but he can walk around on it (he limps a bit). He's not in any pain; it just stiffens up on him after sitting for awhile. So 1 1/2 weeks; hmm, not bad. How long would he have to wait if we had a socialized system like Canada or the U.K.?

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