Monday, February 27, 2006

Maybe the problem will take care of itself?

I guess Darwin has a hand in the Israeli-Palestine conflict also!

What is it with Hamas? Whether you're on the Palestinians or the Israeli's side, one thing is certain; Israel is not going to roll over and play dead. Yet Hamas refuses to take any steps to try to bring about a peaceful settlement of the situation.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Religion Of Peace... yeah, right!

Saw this post detailing yet more deaths directly attributable to the cartoon controversy, and radical Muslim's over-reactions to the issue. I guess I shouldn't be too harsh, though. Remember all the riots and mayhem when Piss Christ and Elephant Dung Mary were first released? Oh yeah, there weren't any.

The editors at Jyllands-Posten are in hiding; the cartoon creators dare not be seen in public; Danish missions have been attacked across the globe, many deaths have been directly caused by the cartoon controversy, but we're supposed to believe Islam is the "religion of peace"??? Yeah, right. More like this!

The dangers of universal health care?

I've always been divided on the issue of universal, government-sponsored health care. On the one hand, I hate to see anybody NOT get medical treatment they so desperately need. I've heard horror stories, however, about the dismal state of health care in countries like Canada and England; two glaring examples of national health care. Now I've run across this story about little Charlotte Wyatt of England. So what I'd like to know; would the decision have been any different in a country that doesn't have universal health care?

Friday, February 24, 2006


Okay, I don't normally enjoy pop music; my tastes run more towards classic rock, some alternative, but here's one video I really enjoy. It seems Muslim pop singer Deeyah is really pissing off the Muslim world with her latest video. (You've gotta have Quicktime installed to view it.) Deeyah's video "What will be?" deals with women's rights, which we ALL know is taboo in the Muslim religion. Women's rights? What are those? And apparently one music TV network (Asian B4U) has already pulled her video because of complaints. Well, I say the hell with them. Deaeyh, while I probably won't necessarily enjoy all of your music, I admire the guts and determination you're showing, and I applaud you for it. All the best, Deaeyh. (see some more info here).


Welcome to my blog; I'm new to the blogosphere, so if I make some snafu's, please forgive me!

HAH! Actually, I don't really care if you forgive me or not, and that's the main point of this site. I'm sick and tired of people telling me how we have to have 'tolerance' for others' views, lifestyle, religious choice, etc. I'm fed up with the US kowtowing to the Islamofascists. I may not be able to add anything to the already high-quality blogs out there, but what the hell, this is the perfect way for me to rant and rave.

I've thought about doing a blog for a while, but the idea really started to pick up steam with the Mohammed cartoon controversy. If you're curious, here're some great cartoons dealing with the whole controversy.