Friday, February 24, 2006


Okay, I don't normally enjoy pop music; my tastes run more towards classic rock, some alternative, but here's one video I really enjoy. It seems Muslim pop singer Deeyah is really pissing off the Muslim world with her latest video. (You've gotta have Quicktime installed to view it.) Deeyah's video "What will be?" deals with women's rights, which we ALL know is taboo in the Muslim religion. Women's rights? What are those? And apparently one music TV network (Asian B4U) has already pulled her video because of complaints. Well, I say the hell with them. Deaeyh, while I probably won't necessarily enjoy all of your music, I admire the guts and determination you're showing, and I applaud you for it. All the best, Deaeyh. (see some more info here).

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