Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Too much info!

Why, oh why, would a teacher talk to 9 and 10 year olds about abortion? Katherine McGuire, a fourth-grade teacher in Canonsburg, PA's Hills-Hendersonville Elementary School did just that. McGuire, in a social studies class, was explaining the voting process to her students when one student asked about abortion. This wacko teacher then decided to explain exactly how an abortion is performed; describing for the students how a needle is injected into the womb, then the fetus is sucked out and killed.

The teacher was suspended with pay, while the PA State Education Association is of course backing the teacher. Many parents are rightly upset with the teacher, and are demanding action. Read the full article here.


The one with a brain said...

So if a student asks a teacher about a common medical procedure and the teacher gives a science-based explanation, she should be suspended for doling out "too much information," huh? Gee, the next thing you know these uppity teachers will discuss men-stru-ay-shun and (egad!) even REPRODUCTION in American schools!

TMA said...

Brain, brain, brain. For somebody that made such a big point on his blog about how smart they are, you're resorting to an invalid argument. (a Distortion of argument in case you were wondering.

The teacher wasn't talking about an appendectomy or something else that's simple... she explained in detail about abortion to 9 year olds. These kids are too young to understand the ramifications of the whole pro-choice/pro-life issue. Did you read the article? This discussion really upset some of the kids. My contention is that fourth-graders are way to young to hear about how an abortion is performed.

TopDawg said...

You're right, 4th grade is wayyyyy to young.
I kinda wish most high schoolers (and some college aged) heard the medical details about abortion. With detailed descriptions of the abortive procedure and the pain that a fetus does feel, I'm sure many more young folks would identify with the pro-life movement.