Monday, August 28, 2006

Educational TV?

One of my daily routines is to visit the good folks at HotAir. Every weekday they bring insightful information on various topics, mainly the War on Terror. Michele Malkin and crew work hard to keep the rest of informed on things we may not ever hear about. Well, today I saw something there that was just so vile and disgusting, it actually turns my stomach to think about it. (and that takes a lot).

You've probably heard about the guy in Brooklyn who recently was arrested for re-broadcasting Al Manar TV, which is a propaganda arm of Hizbollah. Well, Michelle, Bryan, and Allahpundit at HotAir took a look into some of the programming on Al Manar. One of the things they showed was a TV show that depicted a Jew (possibly Hassidic?) demanding the 'blood of a Christian boy'. A young boy was led into the room with fear in his eyes. The shot then switched to the young boy having his head forced over what looks like a bowl on the floor, with him crying and begging for help from his Mama. Next, the boys' cries suddenly stop, and we see blood spilling out on the floor. Yeah, them Jews are just SO bloodthirsty, constantly coming after the Christians for their insane, evil rituals.

Religion of Peace? My ass it's the religion of peace. Where the hell is CAIR in this? What about Michael Moore or Arianna Huffington, why don't they talk about this? No, they'd rather talk about how the levee's breaking is all Bush's fault.

Mohammed? Piss be upon him.

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