Friday, September 29, 2006

Terrorism IS Manageable

Hallelujah, I finally see the light. Why, oh why, didn't we all listen to Oliver Stone before. That bastion of truth-in-filmaking tells us that terrorism is a manageable action, and that we can live with it.

Hey Stone. Do you maybe want to tell the families of Flight 93's victims that terrorism is manageable? Or what about the families of those who had to jump from 80 floors up as the WTC towers fell? What the hell kind of pompous ass are you, that you can call the 9/11 attacks 'manageable'. Bless your little heart, though, for realizing that not all of the worlds' problems are the fault of the U.S.

I'll tell you how to 'manage' terrorism; relentlessly pursue those responsible, including their financiers. (Yes, this means all you assholes that send money to terrorist organizations; you're just as guilty).

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