Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Iraq Study Group report released

You can read it for yourself here. Some initial thoughts:

ISG: Our most important recommendations call for new and
enhanced diplomatic and political efforts in Iraq and the region

Translation: Start talks with Syria and Iran. Yeah, let's talk with some of the people who are doing their damnedest to perpetuate the problem.

ISG: If the situation continues to deteriorate, the consequences
could be severe. A slide toward chaos could trigger the collapse
of Iraq’s government and a humanitarian catastrophe. Neighboring
countries could intervene. Sunni-Shia clashes could
spread. Al Qaeda could win a propaganda victory and expand
its base of operations. The global standing of the United States
could be diminished.

Translation: We MUST win. Okay, this one I agree with. Above all, if we pull out of Iraq before the 'mission is accomplished' (to steal a phrase), it will only embolden terrorists worldwide.

ISG: This diplomatic effort should include
every country that has an interest in avoiding a chaotic
Iraq, including all of Iraq’s neighbors.

Translation: Yep, Syria and Iraq.

ISG: The United States cannot achieve its goals in the Middle
East unless it deals directly with the Arab-Israeli conflict and
regional instability. There must be a renewed and sustained
commitment by the United States to a comprehensive Arab-
Israeli peace on all fronts: Lebanon, Syria, and President Bush’s
June 2002 commitment to a two-state solution for Israel and

Translation: Ah, good, I was wondering when they'd tie Israeli into the mix.

ISG: The Iraqi government should accelerate assuming responsibility
for Iraqi security by increasing the number and
quality of Iraqi Army brigades.

Translation: Make the Iraqi's more responsibile. I agree wholeheartedly.

ISG: As redeployment proceeds, military leaders should emphasize
training and education of forces that have returned to
the United States in order to restore the force to full combat

Translation: Now THIS is a good thing... once we bring our troops home, continue to upgrade our forces.

In total, 79 separate recommendations are contained in the report. Hopefully I'll have time to read the whole report over the next day or so.

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