Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sen. Leiberman stands strong on Iraq war

Sean Hannity had Sen. Joe Leiberman of Connecticut on his afternoon radio show today. Unfortunately I don't have any audio of it (I was driving home from work at the time), but Sen. Leiberman had some interesting things to say about the war in Iraq, support for the troops, and his thoughts on entering the war. Among them:
  • The U.S. was not the only country which believed that Saddam Hussein had WMD's, every other country was told the same thing by their intelligence agencies.
  • WMD's were not the only reason given for invading Iraq: Hussein was a dictator, he committed atrocities against his own people, he invaded soveriegn countries, etc.
  • Whether you agree with the invasion or not, the only responsible course is to continue the support for the war. The 'thousand cuts' that Rep. Murtha is attempting, the non-binding resolutions, the threat of de-funding the war all send the message to the troops that we're not supporting them as fully as we should.
  • He wouldn't be against voting for (and supporting) a Republican candidate for president in '08.

The above are not accurate quotes, but they are essentially his statements. He's said all of these things before, but it's nice to hear that not all the Democrats are against the war. He specifically mentioned famous Democrats in the past, like Scoop Jackson, FDR, JFK, etc.

The one thing that Sean did not ask him was whether he would consider switching parties; Sean spent too much time (in my opinion) asking the Senator to support a candidate now. Interesting interview, anyway.

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Good words.