Friday, March 16, 2007

Secretary of Poor

In the latest message to the Edwards faithful, Presidential hopeful John Edwards addressed what he hopes will be a transformational change for the United States.
Global poverty is not only a moral issue for the United States—it is a national security issue for the United States. If we solve it, we begin to create a world in which the ideologies of radical terrorism are overwhelmed by the values of education, democracy, and opportunity. Now that's transformational.

The hell with the U.S.'s poor, Edwards is setting his sights on reforming the world. So how does he want accomplish this?
  • We will launch a worldwide effort to bring primary education to every corner of the globe.
We can't adequately educated our own citizens, yet we want to educate the globe? Actually, now that I think about it, this isn't all that bad of an idea. If we can bring everybody else down to our level of education, our piss-poor public school system won't seem quite so bad.
  • We will invest in preventive health care through clean water and sanitation systems to give poor families a chance at healthy lives.
So giving people a sink and toilet will make them healthy? I know, there are many people throughout the world that don't have adequate sanitary infrastructures, but we're supposed to be the plumbers of the world.
  • We will provide the tools of local entrepreneurship and active citizenry that are the cornerstones of stable prosperity.
And just what the hell does this mean? We'll help them start their own businesses? We're going to jumpstart the economy of all Third World countries? While at the same time reducing our own 'carbon emissions'?
  • And we will create a cabinet level position in the White House to elevate all our national efforts at eradicating poverty worldwide.
And we're going to have Secretary of the Poor. So this will be the person responsible for taking our failed educational policies and inflicting them on their world.

Can anybody say socialism?


Kevin Simms said...

You must enjoy being a knuckledragging mouthbreather.

TMA said...

What's the matter Kevin, can't discuss on the issues?